About NSC

(NSC is Millennium Technologies name for the nickel-silicon carbide coating often referred to as “Nikasil®”)

NSC is applied directly to aluminum bores through an electro-chemical plating process.

Triples Rule Triumph MotorcycleSince the NSC coating is thin (.003-.005”), heat transfer from piston to cylinder block is superior, drawing heat out of pistons more efficiently, making engine less prone to detonation (knocking or “pinging”) which can cause catastrophic damage. Heat transfer with this technology is more efficient even than an aluminum block with iron liners because although the liners typically have a ground surface finish and a tight press fit to the aluminum block, there is a barrier to heat transfer at that interface that is virtually non-existent with the NSC plated bores.

Another benefit is that the coefficient of expansion of the cylinder block is very close to that of the piston. This allows us to use tighter piston clearance than would be used with an iron block or an aluminum block with iron liners. The tighter clearance means better combustion chamber sealing, reducing blow-by and increasing power.

NSC has a composite hardness of 58 Rockwell-C and thus has far superior wear resistance when compared to cast iron. It is also repairable. In the event of damage to the bore the NSC can be stripped, re-plated and honed to the original spec. If the score or gouge is very deep the aluminum can be re-bored and then the NSC re-applied and an oversize piston fitted.